As part of our continuous effort to innovate and improve our products, by the end of 2001 we launched our ultimate model of laying and rearing cages:

STEEL TOWER, a cage which combines both the modern poultry industry interests and the welfare of birds, while complying with the existing legal regulations of most demanding countries.

Having the best equipment doesn't mean paying higher prices

We have been innovating since 1947 and we are market leaders in the poultry equipment industry worldwide. We offer reliability and safety.

Industrial design.
We manufacture our own designs.

The design and quality of our products guarantees the maximum efficiency and a greater durability.

SERVICE: Customized attention, Web Customer Service, spare parts catalogue available on our website, after sales service, and a human team of more than 300 employees all around the world to give you the best service.

Our investments in manufacturing techniques using cutting-edge technology allow us to optimize our production systems.