Water supply

Water supply:
The water supply system is, along with the feed distribution system, vital to the harmonic and uniform development of the bird lot.

Water supply


- A safe supply with a steady flow and appropriate access conditions for the birds are determinant factors for the success of the operation.

- There is an opaque (to prevent algal growth) pressure - regulating water reservoir installed at each level.

- Each tank is connected to a square 23 x 23 - mm PVC pipe laid across the entire row.

- Each cage has two stainless steel nipples threaded to the PVC pipe.

- The two nipples are well centered in all of our cage models and set far from the lateral partitions so the birds can drink in greater comfort. Given the exceptional light conditions of our batteries, the placement of the nipples allows the birds to locate them from day one, eliminating the ratio of mortality associated with systems in which the nipples are closed to the lateral partitions.

- All our batteries come with a 1 mm polypropylene water gutter fitted under the pipe to prevent water falling on the manure belt while the birds drink.