Feed supply

Feed supply:

ARUAS offers you distribution, transport and feed storage systems.

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Feeding trolley distribution system:
The numerous advantages of this system make it the most requested by our customers.

1/ Uniform feed distribution:
Each tier has an individual hopper which ensures a uniform feed distribution (preventing the birds from selecting the grain). This contributes to the balanced development of the lot and consequently to an optimum laying performance.

2/ Large feed carrying capacity:
The feeding trolleys can carry enough feed to supply houses up to 150 m / 45,72'.

3/ TSH blower:
The feeding trolley is fitted with the exclusive BLOWER SYSTEM (TSH) with one fan per each tier, removing dust on the egg collecting bands and on the wire of adjacent cages, ensuring clean eggs for collection. The system also contributes, to the drying of manure.

4/ Weigh balance:
Four driving wheels made of high resistant materialachieve a uniform weight distribution of the feeding trolley when moving along the cage structure.

5/ Easy to operate:
A general control pannel with a timer allows trolleys to operate automatically. An additional control panel on each trolley makes also possible to operate them individually from any point they are positioned.

6/ Low energy consumption:
The 1 hp. individual motor that power the trolleys make this distribution system the most economic.

Chain feeding system
As an alternative to the cart distribution system, ARUAS offers the chain feeding system.

1/ Minimum feed loss:
The feeding troughs are specially designed in shape and width to allow the chain to move smoothly over them with a minimum feed loss.

2/ Resistance:
The 90 degree corners are specially designed to facilitate maintenance work.

3/ Speed:
This system requires a motor per tier which makes chain speed faster and reduces deformation. It can be operated at several speeds: 12meters/min, 19meters/min, 38meters/min




Our augers transport the feed from the silo to the hoppers in the poultry house preserving the quality. Each auger is 90 mm in diameter

The augers are PVC pipes with a high resistance spring. One end attaches at the bottom opening of the silo to receive the feed which is then transported inside the poultry house

The system does not allow for spillage from the hoppers.








Manufactured from galvanized, corrugated sheet metal.
Ladder with protective rail included.
Automatic top loading trapdoor operation.
All funnels are fitted at 70-degree angles to ensure gravity fall of the feed.

ARUAS offers the following models:
legs silos with 12, 15 and 18 tons capacity.
legs silos with 18 and 24 tons capacity.