It classifies up to 30 crates/hour.

Grader catalog

ARUAS offers you several egg collection systems::
Lift | Multitier | Niagara | Egg conveyor

Main advantages

- The eggs arrive from the egg conveyor to the collector which regulates flow by automatically stopping the egg conveyor. Then they move to a vibrant set of rollers which carefully places them onto the three available tracks and from there to the ovoscope where the dirty or cracked eggs are removed by hand. The rest of the eggs are then placed over the weighting stations that go through the 7 scales set at different heights. Once the eggs have been graded by weight they are individually placed onto each packing table area.

- Easy assembly of the whole installation. Up to 7 sizes.

- Adjustable speed.

- Stainless steel table of ample dimensions to pack manually the graded eggs.