Environmental control: We offer two different environmental control systems:

Ventilation systems: This system is appropriate for open facilities that enjoy regular temperatures all the year long.

Cooling systems: This is a system designed for closed facilities located in areas with extreme temperatures.

Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems

The fans are installed inside the facilities. For optimum operation they are installed with a slight inclination towards the cages to give a pleasant sensation.

The system works by means of a control panel with timer.

If temperatures are lower at night, we recommend to place curtains that can be raised automatically and close the facility to use the natural heat of chickens.








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Cooling systems

Cooling systems

Temperature inside the facility is controlled by a thermostat.

Extractor fans, whose purpose is to renovate air, are controlled by a timer.

As the temperature begins to rise the extractors start working when necessary. If the temperature continues to rise the cooling pad water pump is automatically connected.

This system ensures a pleasant temperature inside the facility no matter the temperature and humidity levels outside.

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