Research and development:
In ARUAS we are committed to innovation and technological development as key factors for our competitiveness.

Our R+D Department is supported by a human team of world-class professionals and by a continuous research in our testing farms.


Aruas R + D Department has been working for over a year to create WinFMS for Windows, the new poultry farms production management system.

WinFMS will help you to manage your daily farm production data in an easy way, as well as to compile any useful information for management, analysis and control of your installation.WinFMS Manual


Testing farms

ARUAS owns several testing farms in Spain as well as in other countries where we develop and test our products safety in order to ensure the best performance before they are installed in our customer farms.

This is part of our commitment to provide our customers with the best service through our knowledge and our experience.


ARUAS is aware that Internet and the e-commerce are essential to become one of the world leading poultry companies, and that a well defined and dynamic strategy provides added value to our business.

Our main goals are the interaction with our customers, a customized service, the streamlining of processes and higher response levels