The manure is collected on polypropylene belts under the cages of each of the tiers

ARUAS offers several manure removal systems:
Cross manure belt | Manure drying system

Main advantages

- 1 mm thick longitudinal polypropylene belts. This material is highly resistant and is not affected by manure induced corrosion. This belt has successfully passed the most demanding tests of ISO 9002 certification. It stands out for its resistance to continued use as flexibility allows to fit small diameter rollers.Its special treatment protects it from solar radiation.

- The belt guides are made of galvanized sheet.

- The traction roller is 159 mm in diameter which improves alignment.

- The counterweight placed behind the tension roller helps alignment and automatically tenses the belt avoiding its expansion or contraction and also preventing the remaining belt from being caught between rollers, which can result in system breakdown.

- It has a scraper on the main roller and an additional one behind the counterweight to keep the belts clean during the return path.

- Three nylon rollers placed on the upper part of each lateral partition of the cage facilitate the belt sliding and save effort and energy.

- Rows with 3, 4 or 5 tiers incorporate a 2 hp motor. Rows with 6 tiers or more have two independent 2 hp drives motors.

- Each machine has a curtain that covers the unloading area.