Egg collection

This is the genuine ARUAS system. It is best to collect the whole row at the same time. Connecting the necessary rows ensures the egg flow.

Multitier catalog

ARUAS offers you several egg collection systems:
Niagara | Lift | Grader | Egg conveyor

Main advantages

- Collection of each row is carried out individually at a constant speed of 2,5 meters per minute.

- The cross egg conveyor can be either affixed at the height of operating or it can be kept upstairs (to facilitate the access to the aisles) once the egg collection has been done.

- The collector arms take the eggs softly to the cross egg conveyor (or table) and the breakage ratio is very low.

- The installation requires about 2 more meters in length than the Lift system.

- A 0,75 hp motor powers each row. In case a lift is added, the system will require an additional 1 hp motor.