Steeltower str (rearing cage):
A cost-effective laying activity is based on an appropriate period of rearing.

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Start tiers:
(From day 1)

The wire bottom is designed for greater comfort for the pullets, which can stand on the same bottom from day one until they reach four months of age. This system is labor saving because it does not require the installation of provisional plastic bottoms.

Designed to adapt progressively to the pullets growth: the adjustable plate is operated from the end of the battery and can be regulated to the size of the pullets to prevent them from escape. The drinking nipples can be adjusted to the pullet's height until the end of the rearing cycle. Both systems are very precise.

The adjustable plate is normally set up at rest, so the pullets can eat over it.There are two 360 stainless steel nipples in the middle of each cage and easily accessible for the pullets.

Grow tiers:
(Up to 16 weeks)

When the pullets reach a larger size, half of them are taken out from the start tiers and moved to the grow tiers to double their living space.

This cages have a water gutter similar to the one fitted in the laying cages.

This system only requires enough personnel to do the beak severing, vaccinating and halving of cage populations when the pullets reach the appropriate age.